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Being My Family’s Health Advocate

Alternate title: Why is self-advocacy so hard, yet advocating for my loved ones PUSHES ALL MY MAMA BEAR BUTTONS and is a breeze? I’ve had a love/hate relationship with medical professionals for much of my adult life. The health professionals … Continue reading

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The Futility of School Lunch Prep

  I make my pre-kindergartener a beautiful, well-balanced lunch to go in his robot lunchbox. Every day. Seriously. This morning, the yumminess included a deli sandwich with German bologna, American cheese, and pepperoni, all on fresh panne bread. Plus, dried apricots, … Continue reading

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In Defense of “Spoiled Rotten” Kids

A few days ago, my Google + page lit up with links to an article a very respectable writer named Elizabeth Kolbert wrote in The New Yorker on parenting called “Spoiled Rotten.” I read the article on my laptop, as … Continue reading

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Me > Mom Enough

I know I’m late coming to this particular party, but I had to crunch some numbers, and you all know that math is NOT my best subject. But I’ve done the measurements. I’ve gotten the data and polling numbers in … Continue reading

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Yesterday, my 9-year-old took the math portion of the MCAS test. We are supposed to help her prepare for this test. And I know I should be more of a proponent of this standardized testing system. But I’m not (and … Continue reading

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