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Parenting: Messing with the Bull

I’ve been talking to my older kids lately about the expectations involving our parent-child interactions. They are mature enough to understand that the parent they get is determined in part by their own behavior. If they treat their parent with … Continue reading

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The Reversal

Imagine, if you dare, two quite intelligent, responsible adults being put to bed by a control-freak five year old and her sweet but easily distractible seven-year-old sister. Scary? It was rather awesome, actually. We decided to undergo this experiment in … Continue reading

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We’ll call her Stubby!

Some may ask why there are always more photos of my younger daughter in my gallery. Some even hint that maybe I LOVE one more than the other, or that I play favoritism. I don’t play favoritism. I charge for … Continue reading

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Kelsey School Report 1

Kelsey is reading everything in sight. She curled up the other night on the couch with The Cat in the Hat, and read the entire book by herself. Today, a snow day, she has gone through all her school reading … Continue reading

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Another good night’s sleep

I noticed something the last week or so, something that snuck up on me. I’m sleeping at night. I think my sleeping issues began a few weeks after Kelsey started school at the public school, when I started feeling unsure … Continue reading

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