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Why I am NOT a Preschool Teacher

My son attends possibly the sweetest nursery school in the universe. I know this, because I volunteered yesterday, as the “special guest” since we were celebrating RockStar’s 4th birthday. And now I know a truth I did not internalize until … Continue reading

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Gender Assumptions and Robots

I’m planning a Star Wars party for my two older kids (May the Fourth be with you!). So my brain has been working out details such as which order we should show the movies in (the answer: 4-5-2-3-6), and what … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a SAHM of 3

People often ask me “Terry, what do you DO as a stay-at-home mom?” And I struggle to answer, because every single day is different and has its challenges and triumphs and disappointments. Every day has its beautiful moments that fill … Continue reading

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Getting Some Perspective

Yesterday, I might have seen The Grim looking down at me ferociously from a cloud. I was fretting about it when the shape all of a sudden dissipated with a wisp of breeze. I felt relieved until it reformed into … Continue reading

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Growth Spurt

I’m not Terry. I’m a befuddled, sleep-deprived, tousled-hair, dried-up, coffee-needing, starving husk of woman whose baby is not taking in nourishing breastmilk all night long, but instead sucking brain cells OUT THROUGH HER NIPPLES. And I know I’m not the … Continue reading

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