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Missed Moments in Parenting

Vigilance is a word I think of a lot. I have to remain vigilant. I am, after all, responsible for 3 small humans. That doesn’t keep me from occasionally sneaking off into my bedroom with the stolen Halloween candy. Or … Continue reading

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The Horror

Some days, my job as a stay-at-home parent is to intermittently play with a busy 2 year old, and do house-related mundane tasks: wash the same dishes and pans over and over again. Launder the same damn clothes. Tidy the … Continue reading

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10 lessons learned in the ER

I haven’t spent a lot of time in emergency rooms. I’ve been rather lucky and healthy thus far in my lifetime. So, when yesterday’s 12 hours of nausea and blinding abdominal pain became too much for me, Allen and I … Continue reading

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The letter of the day is “P” Part Two

The shit storm has been unleashed. The poo levee has broken. In short, we’ve got brown. Laurel has finally unloosed. The constipation that defined the last few weeks of her short life is in remission. Thank you to my mom … Continue reading

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For Laurel, when you’re older.

Your first preschool classroom photo, the one where you look like someone just ate your puppy. You’ll wonder about it later, thinking that you were a sad little girl. Maybe you’ll tell your friends that you were denied candy, and … Continue reading

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