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The Futility of School Lunch Prep

  I make my pre-kindergartener a beautiful, well-balanced lunch to go in his robot lunchbox. Every day. Seriously. This morning, the yumminess included a deli sandwich with German bologna, American cheese, and pepperoni, all on fresh panne bread. Plus, dried apricots, … Continue reading

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The problem with food

I’ve been thinking a lot about food. More than normal, and not just the normal fantasizing about food because I’m always starving, because I’m producing milk for the ever-feeding-hungriest-baby-ever who nurses every 2 hours. I’ve noted that, for me and … Continue reading

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Week 10 All about FOOD!

Today, I am a burrito with a side of sweet pickles. If you are what you eat, last Monday I was a can of spinach. Yesterday, I was a bowl of gloopy instant mashed potatoes with rivulets of melted butter. … Continue reading

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Week 9: Food… is a problem

I’m in that phase where food is problematic. The smell, the texture, the idea of foods that don’t appeal to me makes me feel nauseated. I’m normally a very healthy, conscientious eater. But now I am an opportunist. If something … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving wrap-up 2007

We’ve got a lot to be grateful for this year. A panties-wearing Laurel and a 20/20 Allen, a mostly healthy Terry, and an exuberant Kelsey. We’ve weathered storms this year (and continue to) that would shake the foundations of most … Continue reading

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