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On the Eve of Homeschooling Day One

It is bedtime, the day before the start of the school year. Two of our kids are abed. The soon-to-be 5th grader is trying to settle down, even though she’s so excited about school that she will toss and turn … Continue reading

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Happy 101st Birthday, Nana

So. Confession. And this would make my grandmother’s sweet fuzzy gray head spin ’round in circles. But… I might be a bit of a pagan. I’m not sure yet; the jury is still out. I think most of the flavors … Continue reading

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Missed Moments in Parenting

Vigilance is a word I think of a lot. I have to remain vigilant. I am, after all, responsible for 3 small humans. That doesn’t keep me from occasionally sneaking off into my bedroom with the stolen Halloween candy. Or … Continue reading

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Learning to Let Go

It’s Friday night, and I am dropping off my 6th grader for her first middle school dance. And I am trying not to panic. She’s wearing her “I Love Bacon” shirt and a pair of camos, and her hair is … Continue reading

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I Never Wore My Wedding Dress

I didn’t go to work the morning of Tuesday, October 27, 1998, planning to get married. In fact, the plan was for Allen to pick me up at lunch and drive a short distance up Main Street, to the courthouse, … Continue reading

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