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Learning to Let Go

It’s Friday night, and I am dropping off my 6th grader for her first middle school dance. And I am trying not to panic. She’s wearing her “I Love Bacon” shirt and a pair of camos, and her hair is … Continue reading

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Here’s to Beginnings!

Tonight, I put my 2 year old to bed in a separate room from me. It’s been 2 hours since I nursed him down to sleep, his protestations about not being in our bed silenced by exhaustion and a happy … Continue reading

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Girl Scouting Grows Up

During a first-aid training session recently, one of my fellow Girl Scout Leaders-in-Training piped up about a potential health concern in her new troop. One of her girls has celiac disease. She has a very severe allergy to all things … Continue reading

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Committing to Co-Sleeping

Today is the day we, as parents, have committed to sharing sleep with our youngest child for an indefinite amount of time going forward. We’ve co-slept with all three of our babies, so it’s not like we’re doing anything new. … Continue reading

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Extended Breastfeeding, Part II: Tips to Begin and Extend Your Breastfeeding Relationship

Click here to read Extended Breastfeeding, Part I! If you are a new parent, or if you are expecting to become one and are setting the bar toward extended breastfeeding, do yourself and your offspring a favor: prepare for utter … Continue reading

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