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Look Who’s Going Out for Dinner!

I’ve been reading advice on Internet parenting forums lately on how to take toddlers out to a restaurant. There’s lot of great tips out there, most of it really constructive. And then there are some opinions that really don’t need … Continue reading

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In defense of the Soccer Mom

A dear friend who probably hasn’t given this as much thought as I have recently said to me that he’s glad I’m not a “minivan soccer mom.” So, I asked for a clarification, as I’m a little uncertain that I’m … Continue reading

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Parenting: Dealing with Encopresis

It’s been just TOO long since I talked about poop, hasn’t it? For those new readers who haven’t been reading my blog for years, I am a self-taught expert on dealing with pediatric constipation and stool withholding. After weaning my … Continue reading

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Mom, don’t read this, as I say ‘FUCK’ a few times.

Today, I ventured into Wal-Mart with my brood at prime time for getting an errand done–past the lunch and running amok, and right before naps. I wish that I had, instead, stuck flaming pins into my eye. Yes, I freely … Continue reading

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When Cuteness Backfires

It’s a difficult lesson to learn, and one that all experienced mothers probably know, but it’s worth repeating: never leave your almost-two-year-old child in the dryer. Sure, it’s cute when she climbs in there, screaming in delight at the echo, … Continue reading

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