Day 42

Record-breaking time on the treadmill today. I did a 5K in under 44 minutes. So, I’ve improved my speed by 10 minutes from the beginning of training. I ran intervals of 2-minute, with 3-minute fast-walk in between for the first 30 minutes, followed by 1-minute runs with 2-minute fast-walk in between, until the last few minutes, which I ran straight up.

Then, I switched to the bike for 15 minutes at 15mph, 3.55 miles. Good workout. I then went home and crashed.

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Day 41

I’m up to 2-minute run intervals at 5.0 mph, with a 3-minute cooldown fast walk in between (at 3.5mph). I did 2 miles in 30 minutes yesterday, before switching it up to get immediately on the stationary bike for a 15mph+ 30-minute workout that totaled a little over 7 miles. Good workout, fit into one hour at the YMCA. I need to spend more time on my workouts, but fitting them into my days is tricky. I may need to start waking up super early. Dread.

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Day 40

Another week of trying to fit in workouts Tetris-like, while parenting. I am minus one workout this week. Just couldn’t fit it in. Today’s swim at Walden Pond was its usual beautiful and tranquil! The first round-trip crossing (right at around 1/3 mile) was a lovely warm-up, as we have a “no swimmer left behind” policy, and one of our slower swimmers was with us. Good conversation and peaceful gliding! It was deliciously refreshing. The second crossing, I did a consistent paced freestyle about 2/3rds of the way across, switching to a fast breast-stroke for the remainder. Another round of freestyle, probably 1/2 way back, and we brought it in with a moderately fast breaststroke. Total swim time was right around an hour, but 20 minutes of that was at a good pace. Distance-wise, we probably did 2/3 mile altogether.

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Day 39

I definitely need to work on my run time for the 5K portion of the Tri. I pushed myself to do four 2-minute run intervals during the 30 minutes on the treadmill today. Then, because I was feeling rather depleted, I switched to 1-minute run intervals. Total distance for 30 minutes was 2 miles. So I’m doing a 15-minute mile. That puts my time for a 5K at right around 45 minutes. I’ve knocked 10 minutes off my 5K since the beginning of training. I’d like to get that down more, so I’ll be increasing the intervals for the next 6 weeks. I’ll be happy with myself to get that leg done in 40 minutes in my training, although I know that for the actual event it will be difficult, as it’s the last part.

I’m told that the run portion of the triathlon begins with a hill. But many people walk it, as your legs are coming off a 10-mile bike. I’m planning to walk it. Hell, to be quite honest, if I walk the entire damn thing, as long as I cross the finish line alive, I’ll be pleased with myself.

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Day 38

I was on my own for Saturday morning’s Walden Pond swim, so I decided to do some shorter legs of the pond instead of the pond-crossing route I usually take with friends. I did four 225-yard “legs” of the west side of the pond, totaling .5 miles in about 30 minutes. I could definitely have done it faster, but I was enjoying the scenery. There are dozens of open swimmers on Walden, and it was more crowded than usual. The east-to-west route I chose was tough, since half of it was swimming toward blinding sunlight. I’d much rather cross north-to-south. I’m going to purchase a swim buoy for future solitary open swims.

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