The Wannabe Triathlete

You know how some people do this thing where they decide to undertake a mission of self improvement, and so they take the first step, and then the next, and in time, they reinvent themselves? They begin a regimen, and soon they’re CHANGED? And thus begins a life-long discipline of self-care and physical activity?

I’m so not that person.

No. I’m a jumper. I jump into shit. I don’t start out pacing myself. I sprint. And then I usually fail. That’s been my modus operandi since everwhen. Whenever I get back into the pool, I have to remember to tell myself “Don’t think you can just jump in and do 10 laps of fast freestyle, because you will DIE.” And then I do exactly that, because I’m that much of a masochistic¬†bastard. And end up in the shallow end, gasping like a goldfish out of water. And then I am so mad that I convince myself it’s better to just not swim. My very favorite exercise. Yeah. Best not do THAT again.

Or when I start biking again, my second favorite activity, and I’ll spontaneously do a 20-mile bike ride one day, blow out my knee, and not bike again until the next summer.

Uugh. So, how can I CHANGE MYSELF so that I begin again this cycle of self improvement, learn this discipline thing? How do I learn to pace myself? To take baby steps, and build myself up slowly? From couch to… I don’t know. NOT SEDENTARY?

I know, I know!¬†I’ll spontaneously sign up for a triathlon!

Five months from now, I’ll be participating in the Women’s Only Title 9 Triathlon. I can’t say I’ll be “racing in” the event. I’m aspiring to survive it.

Because I am me, I’m going to stubborn my way through some training, using my strengths: perseverance-in-the-moment and fear-of-failure. Using what I got! And because accountability works for me, I’m going to endeavor to record my work-outs here.

Wish me.. luck?

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