The ultrasound: It’s a……

The ultrasound on Thursday went fine. But waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room with two tired, hungry, impatient kids who really want to see their sibling in utero’s private parts was a bit of a challenge.

The tech got all the shots she needed to conclude that the baby is looking good and that everything looks normal. Every time she pointed out something that wasn’t genitalia, Laurel would pipe up “We wanna see its bum!” They really wanted to know if their sibling will be penis enabled or not.

When the time finally came, they both seemed excited at the news. Our little bean has testicles! Kelsey was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait to call her cousin to let him know.

Allen and I were totally in shock. We didn’t know we could MAKE boys! The odds were so against us! Now we’re going back to the drawing board with the whole names thing. It’s hard to come up with a cool boys name!

On the way home, the girls came up with some interesting names to call their little brother. Laurel’s wins the prize, though. We are now calling him “Rockstar P.”

Here are some ultrasound pics. If you can make out what the hell that first photo is, you get a prize. The bottom two are profile shots of his head. You can pretty much just say “Oh, yes, your baby has a head! Congratulations!” I swear, wouldn’t you think we could get one of those new ultrasound photos that actually look like something?

Say hello to Rockstar P. Oh, and if you have any cool names to recommend, send ’em along! Although, I’m getting somewhat attached to the idea of calling him Rockstar!

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  1. Amy says:

    I can’t remember if you ever met Cara’s sister. She has 4 sons and had run out of naming ideas by her last pregnancy. When she asked her sons what they should name their new little brother, one of them said “jet,” and it stuck. Only they spell it “Jett.”

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