The Tao of Parenting Humans Begins…Anew

In the beginning is me. And my awesome boots.

In the beginning is me. And my awesome boots.

First, a humble invocation before we begin again these first tenuous steps of such an epic blog of maternal wisdom-sharing.

Actually, let us begin before the beginning. From Nothing. From the Void. As explained by the Master himself, Lao-tzu:

“The void manifested the beginning,

The beginning manifested the Tao,

and the Tao is the mother of the ten thousand things.”

(from the Tao Te Ching, 6th century BCE)

A little editorializing here Lao-tzu? If you don’t mind. There’s a millennia-long tradition of translating and appropriating your wisdom, oh Master, so I might as well too?

The Tao is the mother. Yes. I’m so glad we agree here. I’ve been hoping for a little more RESPECT around here.

You won’t mind if I take one of the greatest works of literature and appropriate it in order to talk about me, right?

The Tao is the mother of the ten thousand things. Well, it seems like ten thousand things, but really there are only three things. But those things changed every pattern, each a gift for their creator, imbuing the mother with the experience, and inspiring her to pass that experience along to other seekers of wisdom.

Welcome, pilgrims. To another era in the journal of a Mother. Such a Mother. A MotherMirther. The one and only neglectful blogger of mommy wisdom, spewer of stories and wisdom to disgust and delight and educate you. Welcome back to my world!

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