The Belly of Doom!


photo by Scott Lefton

Many of you have asked for a belly shot. This is my belly at 30 weeks. Yes, there is only ONE baby in there. I only appear to be carrying a litter. Now you may twitter amongst yourselves about my gargantuan midsection, and save the thoughtful comments about how glorious I look in this, my last pregnancy, for me to read here on my blog. You will undoubtedly note the bags under my eyes. You can bet that after I give birth, I’ll be poking my sleeping newborn throughout the day to get my revenge for the last two months of his tap dancing in my uterus for hours on end starting at the magical hour of 2am and ending around 6am. Sleep deprivation is a bitch.

I’m at that interesting phase of pregnancy where everywhere I go, people either stare or move quickly out of my way, perhaps afraid I’m going to eat them. And, hey, if they are made out of chocolate, I do eat them.

On a slightly more serious note, I am spectacularly healthy. I’m now 33 weeks, so my belly button is moving toward that “done” position where it’s starting to poke out. I must admit, this has been my least comfortable late pregnancy. I very much look forward to the completion of this project and regaining my mobility, flexibility and stamina. Blood sugar, blood pressure, baby heartbeat, baby position — all indicators are normal and good. We’re hoping for another natural childbirth in mid-October *crossing fingers*.

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