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The Birth of Andrew

Once upon a time, there was this girl. And she had a plan. For her third and final childbirth, she would have another easy, natural, unmedicated, uncomplicated childbirth. Life, aka the universe, aka destiny, aka the great cosmic unknown, aka … Continue reading

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The Belly of Doom!

Many of you have asked for a belly shot. This is my belly at 30 weeks. Yes, there is only ONE baby in there. I only appear to be carrying a litter. Now you may twitter amongst yourselves about my … Continue reading

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The ultrasound: It’s a……

The ultrasound on Thursday went fine. But waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room with two tired, hungry, impatient kids who really want to see their sibling in utero’s private parts was a bit of a challenge. The tech got … Continue reading

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