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The ultrasound: It’s a……

The ultrasound on Thursday went fine. But waiting 45 minutes in the waiting room with two tired, hungry, impatient kids who really want to see their sibling in utero’s private parts was a bit of a challenge. The tech got … Continue reading

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17 weeks: Flutterings and…remaining calm!

All of a sudden, I’m 17 weeks into this whole surprise reproduction experiment. I’m feeling lots of fluttering in my uterus these last two weeks, a lot earlier than with my last two pregnancies. I’m also showing a lot earlier. … Continue reading

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Week 12: Sneaky like that

I’m 3 months in on this whole pregnancy thing, and I’m proud to say that I’m getting most of my needs met. It takes stealth sometimes, though. Today, I planned a trip to Build-A-Bear with the kids to purchase new … Continue reading

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Week 10 All about FOOD!

Today, I am a burrito with a side of sweet pickles. If you are what you eat, last Monday I was a can of spinach. Yesterday, I was a bowl of gloopy instant mashed potatoes with rivulets of melted butter. … Continue reading

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