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The NOT Birthday of Vomit and Bugs!

I dearly hope this year, when my awesome little red-haired middle child turned 8, will not go down in MotherMirth history as the birthday with the puking and the nits. The year started out so well! A few days before … Continue reading

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Parenting: Dealing with Encopresis

It’s been just TOO long since I talked about poop, hasn’t it? For those new readers who haven’t been reading my blog for years, I am a self-taught expert on dealing with pediatric constipation and stool withholding. After weaning my … Continue reading

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Some kids get goosebumps

Now that we’re all settled in and getting ready for our first big snowstorm as Arlingtonites, we have discovered something… interesting about our younger child. She may have an allergy to cold, snowy weather. On Wednesday, Laurel played outside in … Continue reading

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