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Thoughts on Walden Pond

I have to admit. My first impression of Walden Pond wasn’t good. Don Henley’s “The Last Resort” was playing through my mind as I parked in the HUGE parking lot and walked with my kids by the tourist information signs, … Continue reading

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The Reversal

Imagine, if you dare, two quite intelligent, responsible adults being put to bed by a control-freak five year old and her sweet but easily distractible seven-year-old sister. Scary? It was rather awesome, actually. We decided to undergo this experiment in … Continue reading

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Napoleon learns to read and write

Laurel has leaped into literacy this past month. With abandon and attitude. I’m so not very surprised. A few weeks ago, I sat down with my five-year-old on my lap and asked her to read a page out of a … Continue reading

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