Napoleon learns to read and write

Laurel has leaped into literacy this past month. With abandon and attitude. I’m so not very surprised.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with my five-year-old on my lap and asked her to read a page out of a book for me. I didn’t expect her to actually read it. She read the entire book, almost without any help. It’s like she learned to read, literally, overnight. Sure, we’ve been going over the easy-reader “Bob” books with her, and having her try to sound out small words on the magna doodle. But, truly, I think all those times we found her up late, sitting in her bed well past bedtime, trying to read books she knew by heart, she was actually working out this whole “reading” thing for herself. Stubborn little thing.

Now she is writing letters. Not “letters” as in the alphabet. She is writing cards and letters to friends and family, sounding out the words by herself and writing them down. Last week, she wrote a letter to her friend, KT. It said “Dear KT, do you know that I love you.” She’s been waiting for a reply all week in the mail. Every day, she asks if a letter has arrived from KT yet.

Today, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Here is the letter she wrote to her friend:


Translation (it’s hard to read, as her g’s are backwards, and she splits her words from one line to the next)

From Laurel to KT
Have you noticed you are not giving
me a letter
because you are supposed to
give a letter back

Short and sweet and to the point. Perhaps KT’s parents, who read this blog, would please prod their child to write a return letter? Or I think more letters will be forthcoming, not all of them this polite?

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One Response to Napoleon learns to read and write

  1. Lisa says:

    *giggles* That’s wonderful!

    Maybe we should hook them up with email so that there’s no postage, though there is something magical about a letter in the mail.

    I still have the first letter from my friend Stephanie. I should really frame it.

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