Life Hack: Office In Your Lap!

New England decided to have a summer, so I’ve been punted out of the dining room, where my desk lives, because the fuse won’t tolerate an air conditioner PLUS any electronics. And I tired of the rivulets of sweat dripping down my face as I tried to write. I’m all for paying sweat equity for my craft, but not quite so literally.

So, I’ve taken over a space on the family couch in our living room, where one of the air conditioners lives.

Over the years, I have tried using a number of lap desks. And they all sucked. The biggest problem is that my huge computer doesn’t even fit on most of them. And even when it does, there’s never room for a mousepad, and I prefer using a mouse. Also, a lot of lap desks are a solid piece of wood or quasi-wood, and/or they have a pad filled with foam/microbeads to make it comfy for your lap. So, there is no circulation under the computer, which, in my experience, tends to turn it into an inferno of hotness.

A few summers ago, I “made” my own lap desk. I’m using a spare Ikea shelf  from the Gorm shelving unit  I bought in 2009. I paid $14.99 for two of these. I used one in the unit, and I kept the other as a spare. There are 4 1/2 inch slats, which helps with air circulation. It’s real wood. It’s huge. And if my lap starts to hurt, I put a pillow under it.

Note: It also makes a damn fine dinner tray for breakfast in bed!

Envy my cheapness! Here's my hi-tech computer desk!

Envy my cheapness! Here’s my hi-tech computer desk!


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