Dog begins with “D” too! Like my new D50!


I’ve been into photography most of my adult life. But I’ve been one of those photographers who couldn’t afford the craft. I have a drawer-ful of unprocessed film from my years with a basic student Pentax SLR film camera, a gift from my grandmother when I graduated junior college. I have negatives from my photojournalism classes that showed I had a talent for getting good photos.

Allen surprised me tonight. An early Christmas gift, something we’ve been debating for months. Years. Can we afford it? No.

Say hello to my new friend, a Nikon D50. If you know me, you’ll probably become quite intimate with this camera. I do love doing portraits!

Of course, I’ve already gotten a bit too intimate with this camera. But THOSE photos won’t be seen HERE. The first thing I did was snap some shots of the husband (obligatory! Just kidding, love of my life!). Then the dog. And then, running out of awake subjects (it’s rather late), I had to take some nipple shots and pics of other taboo regions that don’t see the light of day unless your first name begins with Britney. But you don’t get to see these unless you belong to some pretty wild amateur porn websites. And we know NO ONE really has a membership with any of THOSE pervs.

Anyway, many thanks to the husband for supporting my love of photography. Please no jibes about the paying for two mortgages right now, or he’ll reconsider. And he’ll have some trouble prying this baby out of my hands.

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4 Responses to Dog begins with “D” too! Like my new D50!

  1. Mother says:

    I want to know where you are going to get the nipple pictures developed. Now he will have to get a developing studio or whatever it is called.

    Congratulations on your continuing education.

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  3. Develop? Nipple pictures? Dear woman, no one develops such stuff anymore. Straight to the Internet!

    And Dave, your camera (and YOU) take great pics! And I have major flash envy right now!

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