Day 43

Today was an awesome swim day! Eight of my fellow Arlington Tri Moms group showed up at Walden today. I had a 1/3 mile leisurely swim, followed by a rocking 1/3 mile return, doing mostly freestyle with some breast-stroke “rests” in between. I’m working on pacing myself much better lately. Long distance open water swimming is all about endurance, so I’m re-learning my stroke, and my breathing patterns, so that I can go longer without getting winded as much. We then turned around and did a second lap, probably 1/2 mile round trip, followed by a lovely few minutes of floating and taking in the beauty. I’m pushing myself more and more every week in my swims. Longer intervals of freestyle, smoother and more consistent strokes. Still have to keep myself from sprinting, but I use that sprint mentality when I’m doing the “cool downs” of breast-stroke. Feeling good about the swim!

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