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Day 15

Today was a Treadmill Day! The super supportive spouse accompanied me to the YMCA and did his RUNNING THING beside me for 60 minutes. I hit 3 miles at right about 54 minutes today. He ran 5 miles! He’s amazing! … Continue reading

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Being My Family’s Health Advocate

Alternate title: Why is self-advocacy so hard, yet advocating for my loved ones PUSHES ALL MY MAMA BEAR BUTTONS and is a breeze? I’ve had a love/hate relationship with medical professionals for much of my adult life. The health professionals … Continue reading

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Day 12

Swim day! My favorite! 18 laps of breast-stroke in 18 minutes. 25 yards per lap, so that’s a little over 1/4 mile if I math’ed correctly.    

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Day 11

Today, the spouse and I escaped to the YMCA for a workout. On the treadmill, I did 3 miles intermittently brisk walk in 55 minutes. At the 40- minute mark, euphoria kicked in, and I was feeling great! I almost … Continue reading

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Day 6

Brisk walk with the significant other. Walked 1.5 miles around the neighborhood in 35 minutes or so. School vacation is a tricky week to make time for me. I’m not only battling the clock, but my own guilt for leaving … Continue reading

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