Day 51

I survived my first brick this morning I did 9.3 miles on the bike, 2.9 miles running. Time approximately 1:35, including transition time. Progress!

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Day 50

Today was a swim/bike day at Walden Pond. I did a solid 1/3 mile swim at a good pace in 23 minutes, followed by a 13.9 mile hilly bike ride back (which took 1:23 because there were two long rambling hills, and I just don’t have the stamina to bike them!)

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Day 49

Today was a run day! I got up early, downed a 24-oz protein shake (big mistake), and hit the trail. I started with a two-minute run/3-minute fast walk interval, making good distance and time. I got to the 1.35 mile mark, and felt the queasy begin.

For the next 5 or so minutes, I walked a steady pace and tried to keep my breakfast down. WHEN will I learn how to eat before exerting myself? Better be soon! After I managed to keep the shake down for awhile, I could only keep a one-minute run/2-3-minute fast walk interval for the way home. I still got over a 5K in, but my time was nowhere near what I set out to do.

The more ya know…

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Day 48

I have a week to make up for, so I was up this morning at 5:45, slurping down a protein shake. Got on the bike, and kept a steady pace 5 miles west on the Minuteman Trail before heading back. Total 10 miles, in 60 minutes. Not great time, but the route is an incline, so I got lots of cardio. 

sweaty selfie!

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Day 47

I had a week. It had to happen, right? No workout for a week. Finding the time just… didn’t happen. 

Today, though, I had a great swim at the pond. I did at least a half-mile, at a good pace. 

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